Without any doubt, the best way to prevent blemishes and fibrosis after lipo is a knowledge of Post-Surgical Lymphatic Drainage. These days, fat transfer liposuction is a very popular surgery in cities like Miami, where the number of these surgeries grows exponentially. But so exponential is also the growth of people who have fibrosis after lipo and are mired in depression and regret.

The big problem we face is that a good post-surgical is not only based on what the masseurs should do as part of a post-surgical treatment, but what they should not do as part of the Protocol. Today, a lot of equipment is used that is not handled correctly and a machine is an excellent complement to a rehabilitation process in suitable hands, but an element that works against a result in unsuitable or wrong hands. Ultrasounds, cavitators, radio-frequency, endermologie, shock waves, VelaShape, CoolSculpting, cupping, vacuum, wood-therapy are used indiscriminately and unfortunately the people who use all this, are limited only to order a machine and read the instructions. This for my culture and training is difficult to understand.

Where I come from, all this equipment is studied for a full year and is part of a university career, a career that includes the study of histology, so as not to confuse fibrotic tissue with simple fat, as is usually done in many cases. As they say: If you don’t know what is in front of you, how can you know how to treat it? We do not have an established protocol and above all regulated by the entities that regulate certain and certain treatments in the field of medicine applied to aesthetics. In conclusion, if the person receives just 20 minutes of a lymphatic massage in a localized area, for a system that works at the whole body level, it is very likely that imperfections will develop due to the fluid and poorly organized scar tissue. Ultimately, our treatment tends to reorganize that tissue and minimize all imperfections such as hard lumps, leathery skin, big pores, uneven areas, folding skin, and darker color, giving the tissue a “healthy” appearance and condition again.