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During your consultation, we will determine the severity of your Fibrosis, whether it’s premature or already in one of the stages. We don’t provide a diagnosis, but we can suggest which is the best treatment for your level of Fibrosis. The prices below are estimated as we will provide a more accurate treatment plan once we have all the background information of your case. 

Fibrosis Stage 4

How Do I Book a Consultation?

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Please send all information so we can book your appointment.  By submitting your payment, we assume you understand and agree to our terms of service. All payments are non-refundable

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  • An evaluation is mandatory for patients after the third-week post-op and for all fibrosis treatment candidates.  
  • Therapists do not answer questions via social media or messaging. Please do not send photos or videos.  Observation is performed during consultation exclusively
  • Assessment is a 1-1 virtual.  Due to time constraints, we cannot do evaluations in person. 
  • Evaluations are done Monday-Saturday during business hours. 
  • We provide a time frame for the evaluations. As some treatments might take longer than expected, we count on your understanding of any fluctuation that may occur. 
  • An advance pre-paid reservation is required for evaluation. 
  • The assessment fee is NON-REFUNDABLE. No exceptions.  By submitting your payment we understand your agreement with our terms of service fully displayed on our website. 
  • The evaluation fee is US$ 55 and covers the time of a specialized therapist (the creator of the technique) to review your case and create a personalized treatment plan. This fee cannot be credited towards any other service. 
  • The allotted time is 30 minutes.

Our Services Include


A non-invasive technique, patented in the USA


Organic Products to reduce pain and inflammation


Improvement proven in all cases treated


You do not need time to rest and you can do normal activities


It has no contraindications


It is an alternative before deciding on a revision surgery


There is no risk of anesthesia, infection or blood clots


The price is a fraction of the cost of revision surgery.


More sessions can be added to find the complete removal of fibrosis

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