Fibrosis After Lipo

With non-invasive techniques and patented in the USA, and our own protocols, we offer an alternative for imperfections and the treatment of fibrosis after liposuction.

About the Founder

Our Director, Marian Sotelo-Paz, has had an illustrious career thus far. With 31+ years of practice and over 70 diplomas obtained in countries such as France, Spain, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, and the US, she has established herself as a leader in post-surgery massage and fibrosis after lipo treatment. Marian began her education with a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology, which was followed by her pursuit of a career as a Licensed Massage Therapist. Continuing her education to improve her processes and practice was always at the forefront. Since she began her career, she has earned the following achievements: Medical Massage Practitioner, National Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork, and National Health and Education Provider.

We are proud to say that Marian is the creator of two different patented and trademarked techniques nationwide for post-surgery drainage and fibrosis after liposuction. She is the author of 2 books; “Before & After,” a guide for the patient who faces plastic surgery, and “Post-Surgery Drainage Massage”, a fantastic guide for therapists who dedicate themselves to this specialization in their career.

Her first facility, Medical Massage Professionals, has been dedicated for 12+ years to post-op treatments for those visiting Miami for their cosmetic surgery and in need of lymphatic drainage massage after lipo 360, BBL, tummy tuck, etc.

We have seen that many patients struggle with their recovery and see imperfections after their procedure. This is why Marian began the Fibrosis Post-Surgery Center in Orlando, a facility treating imperfections after plastic surgery. It is the only clinic in the United States that owns the patent for this technique and it’s profusely visited by patients from all over the world.                        

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About Fibrosis After Lipo

The results of our treatment vary from person to person, but for the most part, it represents the difference between wearing that bikini or a crop top shirt or just not wearing it at all.  Our patients often express in their consultations:  “I am not able to wear a tight dress”,  “I just do not feel comfortable with my body”. Even after deciding to have surgery to look better, seems unaccomplished when we face often the appearance of unwanted “side effects” that cause frustration, lack of confidence, pain, and depression.  In the search for possible solutions, those suffering from post-lipo fibrosis, often find a wide spectrum of choices, but not real results.  Sadly the lack of quality information leads patients to multiple treatments that turn out to be not only fruitless but in many cases even worsen the stage of the fibrosis. “I have tried it all, even revision surgery, but it’s still there limiting my life and making me feel unwanted”, this is just one of many reasons why people come to us.   We’re happy to help hundreds of cases and change lives with our non-invasive technique that requires no downtime and eliminates the risks of anesthesia and recovery. This “wise decision” is THE alternative to revision surgery, for a fraction of the cost and risk. 
Our fibrosis gallery on Instagram, with hundreds of photos, are faithful witness to our results. Many of our patients also voice their experiences on our YouTube channel “Medical Massage Professionals” and tell about why our “Fibrosis after lipo” treatment is the go-to alternative.  
can hear more than 50 testimonials from people who have undergone treatment with us. 

Plan a Visit

Our standard fibrosis treatment is 5 sessions and it is recommended to have them done once every 5-7 days.  We understand that many patients are not local and they wish to have the sessions done back-to-back. We are willing to accommodate their treatment (availability permitted). 

We highly recommend searching for accommodations close to our location, within zip code 34741 to avoid traffic-related delays.

Our exclusive fibrosis center is located in Central Florida, only a few minutes from Disney World and the Orlando International Airport.  

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